Plitvice Upper Lakes (Gornja Jezera)

The Upper Lakes consists of 12 lakes that sit on a waterproof dolomite substrate formed in late Triassic Period.

This group of Lakes begins with Proscansko Lake that has the highest altitude and ends with Lake Kozjak that has the lowest one.

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The difference in altitude between Proscansko and Kozjak is about 100 meters. The first lake (Proscansko) is initially fed with water by Matica river that is Crna and Bijela Rijeka rivers joined together further up near Plitvički Ljeskovac village.

Cross Section Diagram of Upper Lakes:

Click on above diagram to see the large version of Upper Lakes cross-section.

The group of Plitvice’s Upper Lakes consist of twelve lakes, interconnected and separated by natural travertine and tufa barriers.

Popular Routes: Zagreb to Plitvice, Zadar to Plitvice, Split to Plitvice

Here is a list of all Upper Lakes:

  1. Prošćansko
  2. Ciginovac
  3. Okrugljak
  4. Batinovac
  5. Veliko jezero
  6. Malo jezero
  7. Vir
  8. Galovac
  9. Milino jezero
  10. Gradinsko
  11. Burgeti
  12. Kozjak

The water from the lowest lake in this group (Kozjak) eventually connects with Milanovac, the first lake in Lower Lakes group.

Video of Upper Lakes (Kozjak):

This video is taken by a drone on a fairly overcast day and shows the whole landscape of the area around Upper Lakes. Shame that sun was hiding behind the clouds.

Small photo gallery of Upper Lakes:

Another group of Lakes at Plitvice are Lower Lakes