When to Go and What to Pack for Plitvice Lakes

The climate and weather in Plitvice Lakes are determined by its location: situated north of Velebit mountain range, in the heart of the Lika region, Plitvice has a continental climate, the one that is very much different than the Mediterranean climate around the coast of Croatia.

As the hights of Velebit prevent warm Mediterranean weather to reach the region, Summers here are short and fairly wet, while winters get very cold, freezing, and often very snowy.

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Spring and Autumn are still cold and can be pretty wet for days and even weeks.

The weather here varies a lot at different times of the year which is exactly what makes this region so beautiful and exceptional in all seasons.

When to Go:

There is no easy and straight answer for what is the best time to visit Plitvice. Absolutely in every season and in any weather, the Lakes are magnificent and breathtaking to visit (see opening hours)

If you can, the best answer to this question would be that you can try to visit Lakes in all four seasons. Of course, not in the same year, but perhaps in several years, you can plan your trip here to see it all – snow, rain, and sunshine. Every time I visit Lakes, regardless of what is weather like, I want to come back again and again. The place is just fantastic any time of the year!  (See photos of Spring and Autumn in the Park)

Popular Routes: Zagreb to Plitvice, Zadar to Plitvice, Split to Plitvice

appropriate clothing
Above photo: A friend of mine, visiting Plitvice in mid-March (temperature are around 11°C ) wearing appropriate clothing: good, anti-slippery trainers, comfortable waterproof and breathable trousers, light jacket with several underlayers underneath and hat.

An overview of the seasonal weather in Plitvice Lakes

Here is an overview of what to expect in different seasons:

What to wear in Summer (Mid-June, July, August to Mid-September):

In the summer season, Plitvice can get very hot during the midday when temperatures can rise well above 30 °C (86 °F). Lightweight clothing like T-shirts and shorts are a must as well as hats, sunglasses, and sunblock. Evenings get cooler as soon as the sun sets behind the hills and mountains. For that part of the day, the light wind/rain jacket and trousers are essential. Footwear is important: Never ever walk around in flip-flops! They are slippery, easy to trip over, and dangerous for walking on the wooded trails. Always wear trainers or even better – hiking boots, no matter what is the temperature or weather like. Sudden showers are not an exception here.

If you’re visiting Lakes in the summer and would like to avoid the high temperature, the best option is to get up early and do most of the sightseeing in the early morning. By the time the sun reaches its height, you can already be back into the shade of a local restaurant enjoying your meal, coffee, cake, or ice cream. Late afternoons are also suitable for pleasant strolls along the lakes, waterfalls, and cascades.

What to wear in spring and autumn (May, June, September, October):

In spring and autumn weather in Plitvice is very unpredictable. If you are unlucky it can be wet, cold, and miserable. If you are lucky it gets mild to chilly during the day and fairly cold in the evenings and nights. In the middle of the sunny day, you can walk around in a short-sleeve shirt. As soon as the sun disappears, the temperatures drop to chilly  6 /7 °C even lower, and in the evenings and nights, you need a good duvet and central heating to keep yourself warm.

A warm and waterproof jacket, several layers underneath, and good waterproof hiking boots are essential for this time of the year to keep warm and dry. Winter hat and glows are recommended, I would say actually essential too.

What to wear in Winter (January to April and October to December):

Winter in Plitvice is almost always freezing!  Snow is falling for most of the winter, the temperatures are very low, average about 0 °C during the day while at the night they drop much below zero for most of the winter. I was there once when the night temperature dropped to minus -15 ° C. The appropriate footwear, good, warm not slippery boots are essential. Winter hat, scarf, and gloves, winter warm waterproof jacket and trousers, long johns, several layers of shirts, and fleece are essential.

The best time to do sightseeing in the winter is midday – from 10 or 11 am to 3 pm at the latest. As soon as the sun sets behind the hilltops, temperatures drop to minus. The air is wet and cold and sometimes difficult to breathe and the icy ground makes it pretty difficult and even dangerous to walk without appropriate gear. But it is lovely- see this video 🙂

what to pack for plitvice

Packing Guide for Plitvice:

Here is an essential list of items you should pack for your visit at any time of the year. For specific seasons see above:

  • Sunglasses – the reflection of water is strong here any time of the year, enhanced by snow in the winter, so sunglasses are the must.
  • Sunblock – keep yourself on the safe side with blocking sunrays on your face at any time of the year.
  • Hat (winter or summer, or both) – same as above – in strong sunshine or in cold winter winds you need protection for your head.
  • Hiking Shoes – and essential part of the gear to walk any trail, walkway or wooded path that all gets muddy and slippery in all seasons.
  • Rain Jacket – the absolute minimum protection you have to take with you even in the hottest summer. Sudden showers here are very common.
  • Waterproof case for your smartphone – great and cheap way to protect your valuable smartphone. The case can save its life and enable you to take photos and make phone calls even in the rain. (get one from Amazon)
  • Foam Sit Mat – great for short break at any point of your sightseeing. I always carry one with me. It is lightweight with several versatile uses while easy to stick in your daypack. (get one from Amazon)
  • Swimming suit – not essential. The swimming is not allowed here. However, it is allowed just up the road, in Slunj.