Galovac Lake (Jezero Galovac)


Galovac Lake is the eighth highest lake in the whole lake system, located on an altitude of 582 meters above the sea level. It is one among the larger lakes (third largest), covering the total area of just over 12.5 hectares with a max depth of 24 meters in the northern part of the lake, in the vicinity of Stubice hill. The total length of the lake is about 580 meters while the max width is about 350 meters. The lake belongs to the group of Plitvice Upper Lakes.

Galovac got its name after ‘Gal‘ which comes from Croatian surname ‘Gal / Galović’.

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This stunning lake, fed by waters from Batinovac, Vir and Malo Jezero has lovely surroundings:

Along the northern side of the lake, just below the slopes of Stubica hills, there are beautiful specimens of dolomite rocks covered with low deciduous trees and shrubs.

The entire east side of the lake, with the length of about 200 meters is dotted by several waterfalls – called Prštavci (Veliki Prštavac and Mali Prštavac) falling down to the lake from the 20 meters high travertine barrier.

At the western side of the lake, there is a wide formation of travertine barriers fed by waters from Batinovac, Vir and Malo Jezero with block/rectangular/ trapezoidal waterfalls cascading down the barriers. The highest waterfall in this part of the barrier is Galovacki buk  – 16 meters high and 5 meters wide – fed from the waters of Batinovac.

Popular Routes: Zagreb to Plitvice, Zadar to Plitvice, Split to Plitvice

The shores of the lake are bordered by larch trees so the waters around here are of deep, dark green colours due to its surroundings and depth of the water (see autumn and spring in the photos of the lake).

The area around the lake has numerous paths and walkways as well as small, visitors train/bus line. One of the paths leads to  Tomićev pogled – a lovely scenic lookout that offers great views over Plitvice Lakes.

Waters from Galovac flow down into Milino and Gradinsko lake.

Galovac cross section:

Cross Section Diagram of Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Location Map Galovac Lake:

Galovac GPS Coordinates:

44.875805,15.606311 /44°52’32.9″N 15°36’22.7″E

Small photo gallery of Lake Galovac: