Vir Lake (Jezero Vir)

Vir jezero (Lake Vir) is the seventh highest lake in the whole lake system, located on altitude of 598 meters above the sea level. It is the smallest of all lakes, covering the total area of under 0.6 hectare with max depth of 4 meters. The max length of the lake is about 47 meters while max width is about 56 meters. The lake belongs to group of Plitvice Upper Lakes.

Vir got its name after ‘vrtlog / vir‘ which in Croatian means ‘vortex /whirlpool ‘.

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The lake, fed by waters from Veliko Jezero, is located in near vicinity of the path that leads around the south side of Veliko Lake. The shores of the lake are bordered by low bushes with some barriers and trees. The waters around here are of a green / blue colours reflecting the colours of the surrounding vegetation (see autumn and spring in the lakes photos). The area around the lake is flat while wooden walkway pass near the lake, so the strolling there is easy.

At the end of the lake, at its southern shore, there is formation of a very low barriers where waters flow down into Lake Galovac.

Location Map Lake Vir:

Vir Lake GPS Coordinates:

44.873417,15.603346 /44°52’24.3″N 15°36’12.1″E

Popular Routes: Zagreb to Plitvice, Zadar to Plitvice, Split to Plitvice