Things to Do in Plitvice Lakes

Things to Do in Plitvice

Things to Do in Plitvice Lakes are here on the map with indication of places (points of interest) while you walk around Plitvice Lakes National Park – to explore and locate all points of interest in the Park – includes a selection of markers that indicate the places – click on the marker to see info box with link that will take you to the info page about particular place – lake, waterfall, cascade etc

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Location Map of various places of interest in Plitvice Lakes National Park:

Info about National Park:

Vital Statistics:

  • Area of the NP: 29 685 ha
  • Highest point: Seliški vrh (1279 m)
  • Lowest point: Koranski most (367 m)
  • Deepest lake: Kozjak (47 m)
  • Largest Lake: Kozjak (81.5 ha)
  • Largest Waterfall: Veliki Slap (78 meters)