Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes

Lovely Veliki Prstavac Waterfall, Plitvicka Jezera

Above photo: Lovely Veliki Prštavac Waterfall, Plitvicka Jezera (click to enlarge)

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6 Most beautiful waterfalls in Plitvice:

Here are my 6 most beautiful waterfall on the lakes. Slap in Croatian means waterfall.

Sastavci Waterfall @ Plitvice Lakes (1902)Sastavci Waterfalls – aka Sastavci Slap – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the park situated in gorgeous surroundings on the edge of Novakovica brod located at the very point where Korana river drops down from 26 meters height.- more info, see photos and map

Veliki Slap Waterfall @ Plitvice Lakes National Park (2016)Veliki Slap Waterfall – the highest waterfall in the Park also known as  Large (Great) Waterfall (aka Veliki slap);  78 meters high situated at the very end of the Lower Lakes. Fed by waters of Plitvica Potok river. Truly beautiful waterfall – more info, see photos and map

Veliki Prštavac Waterfall – another beautiful waterfall on the very edge of Gradinsko Lake and Galovacki Buk –
read more and see photos and location map here

Popular Routes: Zagreb to Plitvice, Zadar to Plitvice, Split to Plitvice

Detail of slapovi Milke TrnineSlapovi Milke Trnine – Situated on the barrier between Milanovac and Gavanovac Lake, Milka Trnina Waterfalls (Slapovi Milke Trnine) got its name after famous late 19th-century opera singer, soprano Milka Trnina, who donated significant sums for preservation and nature protection of Plitvice lakes. – more info, photos, map

Panorama of Kozjak (1970s) Milanovački Slap WaterfallMilanovački Slap –  is a 10 meters high waterfall located at the barrier of Kozjak lake and Milanovacko jezero (lake).
read more and see photos and location map

Galovački Buk waterfall in mid October - lovely colours - Plitvicka Jezera National ParkGalovački Buk – 16 meters high waterfall situated in the heart of Upper Lakes. It is fed by inflow waters of Milino Lake and Galovac falling down to Gradinsko Lake. It used to be much higher and wider but – more info, photos, map

Other waterfalls on the Lakes include Mali Prštavac Slap, Pevalekovi slapovi, Labudovački slap, Ciginovac Waterfall, Batinovac Waterfall and Kozjacki Slapovi – see the location of all waterfalls on the map

Milanovac Waterfalls and Cascades

Above photo: Milanovac Waterfalls and the Cascades (click to enlarge)