Milanovac Lake (Jezero Milanovac)

Milanovac jezero (Milanovac Lake) is the first and highest lake in Plitvice Lower Lakes, located on an altitude of 524 meters above the sea level. It is among the smaller lakes in the whole lake system but the largest in the Lower Lakes.

It covers the total area of 3.2 hectares with a maximum depth of 18 meters. The length of the lake is 470 meters while the width is between 50 and 90 meters.The lake belongs to a group of Donja Jezera (Lower Lakes)

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The lake is fed by waters from Kozjak (see above photo), forming a lovely 10 meters high Milanovački Slap Waterfall.

Milanovac got its name after ‘Milan‘ the name of the local farmer who used to have a mill in this lake.

The lake is situated in a canyon, bordered by rocks and cliffs, some of them more than twenty meters high. The walking path is leading all the way along the lake while another path is leading along the cliff’s upper levels from where there are several good places to enjoy the fantastic vistas.

Depending on daily light or brightness of the sky the water has a light green and blue colour while the water surface reflects the colours of the leaves. (see autumn and spring in the lakes photo galleries)

At the end of the lake, its eastern side is formed as plateau ending with another barrier and waterfalls  (see photo), where waters flow down into lake Gavanovac  (see an areal photo of the area) .

This is where Milke Trnine waterfalls flow into the next lake.

Location Map Milanovac Lake:

Milanovac GPS Coordinates:

44.895117,15.609082 / 44°53’42.4″N 15°36’32.7″E

Small photo gallery of Milanovac