Milka Trnina Waterfalls (Slapovi Milke Trnine)

Situated on the barrier between Milanovac and Gavanovac Lake, Milka Trnina Waterfalls (Slapovi Milke Trnine) got its name after famous late 19th century opera singer, soprano Milka Trnina, who donated significant sums for preservation and nature protection of Plitvice lakes.

The waterfalls are series of scenic little cascades running among low vegetation and mature, tall trees across the slow barriers from one lake to another. (see above photo)

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In the near vicinity of the falls there are some rare species of yew trees (Taxus baccata) – see them on this photo. Beautiful, slow, turquoise, green and transparent, glass-like waterfalls.

Location Map Milke Trnine Waterfalls:

Photo gallery of waterfalls Milke Trnine: