Gavanovac Lake (Jezero Gavanovac)

Gavanovac jezero (Gavanovac Lake) also known as Gavanovo is the second highest lake in Plitvice Lower Lakes, located on an altitude of 518 meters above the sea level and one among the smallest lakes in the whole system – it covers the total area of just under 0.8 hectares with a maximum depth of 10 meters.

The length of the lake is 100 meters while the width is about 65 meters. The lake belongs to a group of Donja Jezera (Lower Lakes)

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It is fed by waters from Milanovac that flows down forming fantastic and colourful Milke Trnine Waterfalls .

Gavanovac got its name after ‘Gavan‘ – a legend of a local man who hunted for treasure around this lake.

Located in a fairly deep canyon that is bordered by high and inaccessible cliffs, one walking path leads across the lake to the west along great cascades and further to other lakes while upper level walking path offers a couple of good viewing points over the whole canyon (above photo).

At the end of the lake, on its northeastern side, the plateau is formed ending with another barrier and waterfalls  (see above photo) . This is where large cascades called ‘Velike Kaskade‘ flow into Kaluđerovac – the next lake .

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Location Map Gavanovac Lake:

Gavanovac GPS Coordinates:

44.898431,15.610756 / 44°53’54.4″N 15°36’38.7″E

Small photo gallery of Gavanovac