Trail B – Plitvice Lakes National Park

Trail B details:

  • time: 3-4 hours
  • length: 4 km (2.6 miles) walk
  • includes: scenic boat and train ride
  • type: a circular walk
  • red dots and lines on below map

Map of Trail B – Plitvice National Park:

Map of Trail B at Plitvice National Park - Croatia
Above map: click to see the large image

This is the medium length walk /trail in the Park and a very popular one as it also includes boat and train ride. The walk starts from the Entrance 1 (red dots and lines on above map) and covers waterfalls and lakes in Lower Lakes part of the Park, same as trail A (see details). Upon arrival on the bridge crossing over the Kozjak Lake (on the right side), turn right and walk to the boat pier.  Embark on the scenic trip across the Kozjak lake (No 12 on the map). From the boat, you will see the surrounding hills as well as small Štefanijin Islet in the very middle of the lake. Disembark on the next pier. From here, get on a small scenic train that will take you along the eastern part of the lake back to Kozjak bridge. From there, just walk back to Entrance 1 via the top of the canyon/ hill.
Views over Kozjak lake
Above photo: views from the boat @ Kozjak

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