Štefanijin otok (Štefanija’s Island)

Štefanijin otok  (Štefanija’s Island) – small islet in Kozjak Lake, named after Princess Stéphanie, the Crown Princess of Austria of who visited Plitvice in late 1888.

Built by dolomite rocks of Triassic age, the island’s max length is 275 meters while its max width is 60 meters. It covers the area of just over 14 000 m2.

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The highest peak of the island is 9.5 meters above the lake level. Beech and hazel trees, as well as a variety of low vegetation, inhabit the island.

If you wish you can get a small, wooden boat to row around the islet. There are also larger boats that take visitors around the lakes.

There are no walking paths on the islet so visitors mainly just sail around. Click on above photo to see a large image of the island and surroundings.

Location Map Štefanijin Otok Islet:

Popular Routes: Zagreb to Plitvice, Zadar to Plitvice, Split to Plitvice

Štefanijin Otok GPS Coordinates:

44.883135,15.614499 /44°52’59.3″N 15°36’52.2″E