Novakovića Brod Lake

Novakovića brod (Novakovića Lake) is the latest and lowest lake in Plitvice National Park, located on altitude of 503 meters above the sea level. It is one of the smallest lakes covering the area of just under 0.4 hectares with maximum depth of 3 meters. The length of the lake is 90 meters while the width is 50 meters. It belongs to group of Lower Lakes.

The lake is fed by waters from Kaludjerovac via two meters high travertine barrier, creating series of tiny waterfalls. There is a nice wooded path leading over this barrier and along the lake towards Kozjak and on other side to upper paths of the lakes.

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Novakovića got its name after local man who used to cross this lake with its boat.

Located at the end of the Lower Lakes canyon, waters from this lake falls down for 25 meters, forming Sastavci waterfalls and source of river Korana.

Location Map Novakovića brod:

Novakovića brod GPS Coordinates:

44.902286,15.609798/ 44°54’08.2″N 15°36’35.3″E

Popular Routes: Zagreb to Plitvice, Zadar to Plitvice, Split to Plitvice

Small photo gallery of Novakovića brod: